From the Chairman

Hon Kris KobachEvents of the past month remind us that Americans live in an inter-connected world, where conflicts, threats, events and competition for resources have immediate impact on our daily lives. Oceans and distances no longer insulate America from the tensions and strife now confronting large portions of the world’s populations. With technology and communications able to connect and motivate large populations at the speed of social networks, no government or economy is immune to unexpected disruption... [read more]

National Advisory Committee

Hon. Kris Kobach
Secretary of State, Kansas
National Advisory Committee:
Hon. Mark Martin
Secretary of State, Arkansas
Hon. Scott Gessler Secretary of State, Colorado
Hon. Jason Gant
Secretary of State, South Dakota
Hon. Brian Kemp
Secretary of State, Georgia
Hon. Scott Beason
State Senator, Alabama
Hon. Charlie Janssen
State Senator, Nebraska