A voice for Arizona’s immigration law

By Anna Gorman, Los Angeles Times

Law professor Kris Kobach is a popular defender of the state’s strict new immigration law, which he helped write. Both the law and Kobach are targets of public outcry.

Reporting from Kansas City — Hundreds of miles from Arizona, law professor Kris Kobach leaned back in his chair at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, took a sip of coffee out of a Justice Department mug, and calmly defended the controversial immigration law he helped write.

At 9 a.m. this Tuesday, he is on hold with a radio station in Tucson and in an interview with another in St. Louis. He has three more lined up.

Since Gov. Jan Brewer signed the law late last month, Arizona has become ground zero in the debate over illegal immigration. Senate Bill 1070, which has prompted protests, boycotts and lawsuits, makes it a state crime to lack immigration papers and requires police to determine whether people they stop are in the country illegally. President Obama called it misguided and warned that it could lead to racial profiling.

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