About SSI

Secure States Initiative is a project by elected state and local leaders and community stakeholders to identify legislation, partnerships and best practices that can strengthen a state’s financial, crisis and law enforcement capabilities while increasing America’s domestic security and resiliency in response to emerging financial and security challenges.

Local communities and states have operated in a top-down federal model that in its present form has run its course, resulting in a fractured system of unfunded mandates, impractical requirements and unrealistic expectations.  Many jurisdictions are beginning to author legislation and promote partnerships to address these shortcomings, and SSI’s mission is to capture these best practices from across the country, forge them into a template that any jurisdiction can use to increase its own resiliency, sustainability and security.

SSI is supported by a number of organizations and individuals and welcomes participation by those willing to work toward a national, bottom-up plan that establishes a more realistic relationship between the local, state and federal partners.