Arizona takes immigration law to Supreme Court

By Stephen Dinan | The Washington Times

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has asked the Supreme Court to overturn lower courts and reinstate her state’s tough immigration law, saying the federal government continues to neglect the U.S.-Mexico border and states have to fill the gap.

Mrs. Brewer decided to go straight to the Supreme Court, rather than ask the full 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to hear the case, arguing that the matter was going to end up in the high court eventually anyway and that time is of the essence.

“I’ve always known this legal fight would be a long one,” she said. “But now that this is the path we’ve chosen, I am confident Arizona will prevail.”

At issue is the law, known by its bill number SB 1070, which granted police the power to check the immigration status of anyone they encountered in their regular duties whom they suspected of being in the country illegally. It also required immigrants to carry their legal residency or travel documents with them.

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