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Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court of the United States

Amicus the Secure States Initiative (SSI) is an organization of state elected officials and concerned citizens from various States. The Chairman of SSI and its counsel of record is Kris W. Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state and the co-author of Arizona’s SB 1070 – the law at the heart of this case.

Amicus is committed to the preservation of the sovereign authority and autonomy of the States in the American constitutional framework. Amicus is also committed to the principle that the States may act to protect their citizens, secure their budgets, and restore the rule of law by discouraging illegal immigration, provided that such actions are not clearly prohibited by the Constitution or by an act of Congress. This principle and the federalist structure of the United States Constitution are directly undermined by the  Ninth Circuit’s sweeping decision holding that Sections 2(B), 3, 5(C), and 6 of SB 1070 are preempted.

Download the complete Amicus Brief