Rand study: Obamacare will cost states more

From the New York Post
Abby Wisse Schachter

There is yet more evidence that Obama’s Affordable Care Act isn’t affordable. Rand corporation took a look at the effect of Obamcae on five different states , chosen for their geographical distribution and size range. An the researchers stipulate they needed to do a cost analysis because “many of [Obamacare]’s provisions impose additional costs on state governments, [and] officials need reliable estimates of the likely impact of the ACA in their state.” Another reason for the study is that the models used by politicians “are simplified mathematical representations of systems, to help them understand the effects of policy choices.” But that doesn’t tell theose who have to implement the new rules, namely the states, what the true impact will be. “To demonstrate the usefulness of modeling for state-level decisionmaking, RAND researchers undertook a preliminary analysis of how the ACA’s key coverage-related provisions would affect insurance coverage and state government health care spending in five states — California, Connecticut, Illinois, Montana, and Texas.”

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