Supreme Court health care reform path could be set Thursday

By Jennifer Haberkorn | Politico

The nine Supreme Court justices could decide as soon as Thursday whether — and how — to wade into the politically charged legal waters of health reform.

The Obama administration has asked the court to jump in, so it appears more than likely the justices will agree to decide whether the health law’s requirement that nearly all Americans obtain insurance is constitutional.

The justices will have to decide which of four pending cases challenging the individual mandate the court should hear and whether to take up other aspects of the law as well.

The justices are scheduled to meet for a private conference Thursday, and they could make a decision on how to go forward. The court typically would release its decision on Monday, but it could come as soon as Thursday afternoon. The justices could also delay a decision to a later conference.

Assuming they agree to hear the case, oral arguments likely would take place in the spring, and a ruling would come in June — just in time for the presidential nominating conventions.

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