Wisconsin Gov. Walker Sued by Unions

March 26 (Bloomberg) — Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was sued by two labor unions over a bill restricting collective bargaining by public employees while a state bureau published the law after the secretary of state was ordered not to do so.

A union representing public works employees in Wisconsin’s capital city of Madison and another for firefighters and other public safety officers seek in the state court complaint filed yesterday to have the law invalidated.

Walker signed the law March 11 amid public protests outside the Capitol and after 14 Democratic state senators had boycotted the legislative session in an attempt to deprive the chamber of the quorum required to consider measures with a fiscal impact. A joint committee drawn from both houses severed the measure from a larger so-called budget repair bill, enabling it to be considered separately.

“When the senate passed said bill on March 9, 2011, it did so without the presence of the constitutionally required quorum,” the union locals said in their complaint.

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